Trauma is an event or series of events so far outside of our normal realm of experience that we aren’t able to move beyond it’s impact. These wounds, left unhealed can create chaos in our personal lives and effect every facet including our perception of self, relationships and sense of safety in the world. Some of symptoms of PTSD can be reoccurring nightmares or flashbacks of the trauma, panic attacks, severe anger or depression, unprompted tearful-ness, aversion to people or places, isolation and poor sleep. Fortunately, no matter how long ago the trauma, there is much hope and many options for treatment to reduce and in many cases eliminate the suffering.

The best scenario is to address traumatic events immediately to subvert the long term effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, it is never to late to seek effective treatment. Often, hurts from long ago resurface later on in life. This can be even more confusing since life may be in order and without any significant stressors.