Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is often considered a taboo subject to discuss, even in the homes of those who are experiencing chronic pain. In our society, there is a stigma attached to talking about things that we believe we can’t fix or have no control over. Pain medications offer some relief but steal away our essence of who we are as fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters.

Over the last several years, new technologies such as Neurobehavioral Pain Management Programs (NBP) have been developed to manage the body’s expression of pain using non-medical, self administered interventions. Neurobehavioral Programs is on the cutting edge of this exciting and extremely effective means of pain management. By learning a simple process to ‘close’ the pain gates to the brain, blocking the pain signal, chronic pain patients have gained a new lease on life and are able to rebuild in their lives what chronic pain has taken away.

Teaching these pain management skills have been an amazing insight into the power of the mind/body relationship. Seeing tears of joy roll down a client’s face who has felt constant pain for 8 years and then suddenly has the sensation of NO PAIN. The amazing thing about our bodies is that IT has the intention to heal regardless of how damaged we may feel… and the body will do so if you are willing to work with the pain.

For the last 5 years Neurobehavioral Programs has worked with nearly 1500 clients, nearly all referred by treating physicians familiar with NBP.

This pain management training does not involve hypnosis or any biofeedback hookups of any type. The best training sessions occur in your home by phone and can be done over the course of four sessions… with no more than seven. Please feel free call me at 530.902.6772 for more information.