Anxiety… cousin to depression, can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. Amazingly, anxiety is a condition that can be diminished significantly by learning simple self-administered skills. Our bodies respond with anxiety to perceived triggers and can start an unprovoked “fight or flight” response. There are several opportunities in this disturbing process in which we can intervene and bring rational responses that decrease anxiety and reactivity to the environment. There is no medication more powerful than the combination of the mind and our breath to control panic attacks and anxiety.

Most anxiety episodes and Panic Attacks (racing thoughts, the feeling “I’m dying” or “I’m going crazy”, feeling loss of control, short breaths, clammy hands/cold sweats, dizziness) can be surprisingly well managed by simple breathing and relaxation techniques. It is also helpful to understand ‘why’ your body is always on alert or wired and tired at the same time. I have accumulated some simple exercises which are on the Anxiety/Panic Interventions page. Please click on this link to learn more about self care.

For more severe and acute anxiety, progressive interventions such as EMDR and Neuro-behavioral Trauma Protocol ( are validated and widely used to treat anxiety and trauma. Lee is a Level II trained EMDR therapist and a Certified Neuro-behavioral Practitioner.