About Lee

Lee Ockenden, M.A. is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Davis, California, working with couples, families, individuals and adolescents. Lee has been in practice as a psychotherapist for 11 years. Lee is also the Assistant Director of Behavioral Medicine at the Institute for Restorative Health(4irh.com) in Davis.

“Using a direct and empathetic approach, I believe the best therapy is collaborative and respectful—fostering empowerment and growth. Unlike traditional therapy, by accessing an individuals own intrinsic source of understanding and healing, new perspectives emerge allowing for change to occur through choice.>

On Couples:

“Working with couples is an emmense privilege. Regardless of ‘their’ history, resolving resentments and creating opportunities for intimacy allows for choice and growth towards trust to emmerge.

On Anxiety/ Depression and Trauma:

“The field of psychology has grown so much in the last 20 years. We have access to methods to facilitate healing at a rate that is sometimes astonishing…even for the facilitator. Both EMDR and Neurobehavioral Programs are effective, non-invasive and gentle for the client.”